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Website localization service in Singapore

Written By Anonymous on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 | 2:23 PM

In modern world, people are using the Internet to find all the things they need. Integration becomes one of the fastest growing trend out there, and companies can expect their services may be seeking after by foreign customers. Singapore might be one of the country to have a diversify of customers in ages, genders and nationalities, which conclude that the need for website localization service in Singapore should be a necessary.

What is website localization?

Imagine that you are looking for a service in a foreign country. You dont really have a preferences and what worse is that you cannot speak the said country’s language. So your option is to use expensive international service, because all the fine service available in that foreign country doesnt provide you with enough information in your understandable language. On the other hands, at the same time, domestic companies lost one of their contracts, one of their potential customers due to language barrier. So this is the time when services like English website localization or Chinese website localization (two of the most common language in the world) come in. The service offers to translate all content of a company website into other languages, and with the right choice of translation company, you will be satisfy with your result of precise, fluent and careful translated website.

Why Singapore?

Singapore is the white tiger of South-East Asia. It is a country with great diversification, in people and in their businesses. Nowadays, the growing tendency of companies reaching out to the world has hit an invisible wall of language. For example, a Chinese company with Chinese-writing website cannot attract a business offer from English-speaking partners and vice versa. Some company made their website duo-language but the quality of the translation sometimes quite disappointing and may cause unpleasant impression on customers/ partners. Then, how do companies deal with this huge problem? Therefore, Expertrans offers website localization service in Singapore to be the solver for the difficult question. With experienced translators in various fields of businesses, we make sure our customers are satisfy with their choice of service.

Contact Expertrans today

At Expertrans, we have reliable, professional, 24/7 available staffs, with 10 years of experience in the translation scenario domestically and internationally. We have a defined and effective translation process, promising no deadline should be missed and no customers should be forgotten. We have offices and branches across the world with native staffs to ensure no misunderstanding can happened. The pricing for the services can be inform through our email at or through the phone number of our representative office in Singapore: +65 6818 0975.

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