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Written By Anonymous on Wednesday, December 24, 2014 | 9:38 AM

Australian translation company you are looking for!

Whether you are an Australia-based company or a brand in Finland, or an exchange student, a tourist traveling to Australia, we can provide you the multilingual translation services anytime, anywhere at the lowest prices but highest quality.

Since the date of establishment 19/8/2005, we have continuously supported individuals as well as companies and organizations in doing business and expanding globally. Thanks to years of experience, we have improved our services day by day to serve our customers better, reduce the cost and shorten turnaround time. At ExperTrans, we meet up all of your requirements with 170 supported languages and 58 fields.

We always maintain a team of 40 in-house translators, which allows us to handle large projects in short time. Another thing that you may concern, we are one of a few big Australian translation services company that use 100% qualified translators and never come to cheap solutions as hiring students or translators from unconfirmed sources. We do not compare ourselves with other translation companies but put ourselves on a race in which we try to surpass them in the quality and pricing.

In addition, we also provide professional transcription, dubbing, voice-over services produced in high-tech studio by a team of producers and voice actors/actresses. See more services listed below:

-          Interpretation

-          Translation

-          Dubbing/Captioning

-          Film/Book translation

-          Staffing solutions

-          Website/Ads localization

Please keep in mind that we run twenty-four-hour customer services, so in case you have any question about translation services, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or by phone. Visit our offices in Melbourne or Sydney to meet our team.

Read more our services :

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